User Side Features Admin Side Features

Admin Side Features

  • Unlimited Category Options

    View Item Sold status

    Admins who decide to use this feature will be able to create an unlimited number of category names to be listed in the website.

    Single Level Subcategory

    Single Level Subcategory

    One level deeper than categories, this option also allows for the unlimited creation of subcategories to be listed under the main categories. Categories will determine the direction in which the ad is posted.

    Unlimited Event Categories

    Event Category (Unlimited)

    Similar to the above, the Admin can add unlimited categories for event postings

  • Settings for Registration Forms

    Event Category (Unlimited)

    The AJ Classifieds V4 has been designed to allow for flexibility in the information and fields comprising a registration form. The Admin alone will be able to choose which fields become mandatory or optional.

    Attributes Management

    Attributes management

    For the purposes of the AJ Classifieds V4, attributes are those specific features of an ad. The Admin can easily add attributes to a listing in a very effective manner through this feature.

    Attributes Group

    View Item Sold status

    The AJ Classifieds V4 allows the Admin to create and edit attributes groups. In turn, these can be linked to categories as desired. Managing groups of attributes can be very easy and the Admin can activate, suspend or remove the attribute seamlessly.

  • Ads Management

    View Item Sold status

    In the same trend of allowing increased autonomy, the Ads Management option allows Admin to add unlimited ads and manage all ads submitted by site users. The Admin is able to activate, suspend and remove ads at will as well as any accompanying images. With this same feature the Admin is able to follow expiration dates and review category, seller name, payment type, type of ad, comments and reports. The Admin can further filter ads based on keyword, image count, category and age of the image.

    Event Ads Management

    User Management (Add User / View User / Edit User)

    Our Classifieds Ads Software makes it very easy for the Admin to manage events. Through this feature he can add events (single day or multiple) and view event expiration information. Event information can be displayed by image, category, seller name and/or payment type.
    The Admin can also edit his events and his users’ events. He can delete, publish and delete them and manage their images.

    Flexible Layout Setting

    Flexible Layout Setting

    Home Page
    The Admin can select from four different types of layouts and use it with a simple drag of a widget. Widgets can easily be enabled or disabled.
    Inner Page
    there are two different types of layouts available which can be changed by the Admin by using this feature.
    Item details Page
    there are two layouts available for the item details
  • Advertisement Manager

    View Item Sold status

    The Admin can include banner advertisement in the site and generate revenue this way. Through this feature the Admin can change the banner, its size and the links necessary for when users click on it. The Admin can also activate and remove advertisers.

    User Management

    Event ads management

    AJ Classifieds V4 has been designed to help the Admin manage its users. User information is readily accessible and the Admin is able to add, delete, edit, activate and suspend users as needed.

    Currency Settings

    Currency Setting

    The AJ Classifieds Ads Software V4 has been equipped with the capability of handling several currencies including codes, symbols and values. The Admin can activate, suspend or delete currency settings.

  • Email Settings

    Email Setting (SMTP and POP)

    The Admin can use this feature to manage its email settings (SMTP and POP). Through this feature the Admin can control all email communications going out of the system.

    Banner Setting

    Banner Setting

    The Admin is able to control the banners on the site and their configuration. An unlimited number of banners can be added and the Admin can activate or deactivate banners at any time.

    Social Network Setting

    Social Network Setting

    AJ Classifieds V4 is equipped to allow the end user to use his social media account to login. In order to do so, the admin must enable this feature and register his site on social media to get the proper ID and password.

  • Global SEO Setting

    Global SEO Setting

    The Admin can optimize SEO features by adding, deleting and editing keywords within the site. This flexibility will improve the site’s SEO ranking.


    Theme Setting (Color, Font & Pattern)

    AJ Classifieds V4 has created eight colors and patterns to help define the look of its sites. Different types of fonts are also available and they are all visible to the Admin.

    Location Management

     Location Managemen

    This feature allows the Admin to manage country names, flags, codes and states. The Admin is able to add and delete state and city names and view states by country.

  • CSS Setting

    Custom CSS Setting

    This feature allows the Admin to change the site’s color scheme and style.

    Sub Admin Management

    Sub Admin Management

    If more than one person is working on a site and certain privileges need to be limited, the Admin can use this feature to define the power each sub-admins may have.

    Database Backup

    Database backup

    This very important feature allows the Admin to access backup information in case the database becomes corrupted.

  • Payment Settings

    Payment gateways Setting

    AJ Classifieds V4 has integrated major payment options including paypal, wire transfer and google checkout. Through this feature, the Admin can activate or deactivate any of these options.

    Page Management

    Page Management

    This option allows the Admin to create a new page, edit, delete or publish a page and manage meta tags.

    Live Chat Settings

    Live Chat Setting

    This option allows the Admin to turn this feature on or off as desired.