User Side Features

SEO Friendly URL

In order to assist in the indexation process of your website, AJ Classifieds V4 has been built with a search engine optimization (SEO) friendly URL. By utilizing this URL, your website will be able to increase its SEO ranking.

Ad Search by Category

Our Classified Software AJ Classifieds V4 has been redesigned to allow the user to search ads by category. It offers a wide variety of categories so the search process is thorough and efficient.

Ad Search by Location

Similar to having the ability to search by category, the user will also be able to search by ad location. The search process allows the user to select a country and then refine his search further by selecting ads from a specific state and city. Final results are displayed as a list.

Multi-city Posting

AJ Classifieds V4 has been designed with the capability of allowing a user post his or her ad in multiple cities simultaneously.

Event Postings

( Spanning Several Days ) One of the features of AJ Classifieds V4 is that users can easily post events lasting more than one day.

Viewing Ads

By selecting a category and location, users will be able to see their posted ads easily.

Item Status

Our Classified Software has been designed so the administrator is able to access his or her admin panel and easily change the status of their listings. Through this capability, users and administrators can mark their listings “sold.” Administrators will do it through their admin panel, whereas users will do it through their accounts. Site visitors will be able to view all sold and unsold listings, but the status will be reflected in real time.

Search Options

The AJ Classifieds V4 has developed different options for the user to search the ads as described below:

Pricingusers can define their search to comply with a given price range

Attribute Group users can select a specific attribute group. Resulting listings will be pulled from different categories.

Location In order to further narrow down the search, users will be able to limit their inquiry to a city, state and country.

Category The end user will be able to select a category to narrow his search. There are many different categories to choose from and the search can cross through all categories in certain instances.


Promoting Ads via Social Media

The AJ Classifieds V4 has the capability for the user to easily share their classified ads through Facebook, Twitter and other leading social media sites. In addition, they will be able to view the profiles of users who recommend the ad to other users.


This capability allows the user to create a watermark image to be imprinted on top of every photo added by the user. The website owner has the ability to manipulate the image so it does not overpower the actual listing..

Statistics Report

This visitors-based metric will allow the seller to access his account and ascertain the number of views for any given ad.

Integration with Social Media

Along with being able to easily share an ad through social media, AJ Classifieds V4 also allows users to log into their accounts with their Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

Flexible Layout Design

The AJ Classifieds V4 offers single, dual and multiple design options for its layouts, which in turn allows the user to customize to his desired look.

Account Information

The AJ Classifieds V4 has made it easy for its users to manage all their information easily from their account, including the following:

Expiration Users can easily view postings about to expire

Edit Post Ad Through this option, users can change their ad information, meta tags, attributes and location

Edit Events The user can schedule and revise event postings

Event Search by Category

The AJ Classifieds V4 allows its users to both post and search events based on a particular category.

Seller Contacts

Through this feature, buyers will be able to easily contact the seller via email or phone.


Social Media Followers

This feature integrates fans and followers into Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.

Inner Page Layouts

* Left To Right * Right To Left

Item Details Page Layouts

* Left To Right * Right To Left

Live Chat

This feature allows for live support via instant messaging for users and admin to interact. By utilizing this option, administrators can improve the customer service experience and satisfaction.