AJ Classified Ads Software v4

AJ Classifieds Software v4 empowers your on line community with effective tools to attract and retain more visitors to your web site. It enhances your web site with inclined site traffic, automated content creation and additional revenues.AJ Classifieds v4 is designed to suit the expectations of the evolving internet audience with various updated and remodeled features to suit the future online trends foreseen by us. And all these features which constitute a professional web design have been rendered with customizable making it easy for the admin to change the look and feel of the site matching his ideas, at the same time suiting the latest trends.

Our Classifieds Software AJ Classifieds V4 is boosted with responsive design which makes it accessible through different devices and serves the site admin with the purpose of improving the site visibility and accessibility without much efforts and simultaneously saving numerous bucks. In addition to this the seo and social media optimization features can be viral in taking the site to a humongous crowd which could amount to high returns for the admin as well as the users.

More Features in AJ CLASSIFIEDS V4

AJ Classifieds V4 provides you with all features you need to setup your own Classifieds v4 classifieds website on your own domain name. Our classifieds software has a customizable structure and can be easily set to satisfy your demands. Below you can see the list of features available. You can manage them: set the parameters, turn on/off depending on your requirements.

SEO Friendly URL

In order to assist in the indexation process of your website, AJ Classifieds V4 has been built with a search engine optimization (SEO) friendly URL.

Multi-city Posting

AJ Classifieds V4 has been designed with the capability of allowing a user post his or her ad in multiple cities simultaneously.

Event Postings

( Spanning Several Days ) One of the features of AJ Classifieds V4 is that users can easily post events lasting more than one day.


This capability allows the user to create a watermark image to be imprinted on top of every photo added by the user.

Promoting Ads via Social Media

The AJ Classifieds V4 has the capability for the user to easily share their classified ads through Facebook, Twitter and other leading social media sites.


Flexible Layout Design

The AJ Classifieds V4 offers single, dual and multiple design options for its layouts, which in turn allows the user to customize to his desired look.


Attributes Management

For the purposes of the AJ Classifieds V4, attributes are those specific features of an ad. The Admin can easily add attributes to a listing in a very effective manner through this feature.


Flexible Layout Setting

The Admin can select from four different types of layouts and use it with a simple drag of a widget. Widgets can easily be enabled or disabled.

Advertisement Manager

The Admin can include banner advertisement in the site and generate revenue this way.


AJ Classifieds V4 has created eight colors and patterns to help define the look of its sites.

Page Management

This option allows the Admin to create a new page, edit, delete or publish a page and manage meta tags.

CSS Setting

This feature allows the Admin to change the site’s color scheme and style.