Order the classifieds script here. We accept bank wire, western union and perfect money.

No. You are purchasing a license to use the script only on one domain. You should order an additional license for every other domain.

If you start another program at the same domain – you can use the script again. If you use any
other domain – order an additional license please.

Yes, we provide a 10% discount for every additional license.

Yes, please visit our demo page. You can see how the members’ area and admin area look like there.

Yes, you can. In enterprise license we will install the script for free. In user license, installation charge is 75 USD. Please contact presales team for details.

Rapid process of Ticket solving service on your Ticket queries. Dedicated Coordinator will be
allocated to your queries. Updates will be intimated to your mail. Elite support offers free technical support based on subscription

You can avail the Elite support on the subscription basis. It can be availed at a cost of 750
USD for 6 months and 1250 USD for 12 months.

The system is non customizable in user license. In enterprise license you can get open source code for user panel. So you can make changes by yourself.

Yes, you can upgrade user license into enterprise license at any time. We will do this up-gradation without any data loss.

Sorry, The admin source code will not be available with the Enterprise license. However, you can make a special request to our sales team for that.


User license- (Non Source code) In this license you can change the logo, banners, contents,
style sheet objects, categories, sub categories, FAQ’s, terms, contact details, payment structure. The functionalities would be the same as the Enterprise license.

We have another service called custom design service in which we will provide you support in
changing the design of the script, languages, style sheet etc

In Enterprise license you will be provided with user panel source code in which you can
add or delete even the functional part in user panel. But user license you can’t edit the function PHP files as it would be encoded.

You need to send a requisition mail to us and get the license renewed to Enterprise edition. Please contact our presales team.

Our branding won’t be available on user area of the website. Admin area you can see the
Header Banner AJ Classifieds on the top. However, there will be a “powered by AJ Classifieds” link.

Yes. Kindly give us the API codes. We will integrate the payment processors for you. We do charge extra for payment processors integration.

We do not have refund policies. Please refer the terms and conditions page.


Please refer this link,1,62,82 for installation steps

Please contact our presales team with your FTP info (host/login/password) and MySQL info
(database/host/user/password). If you do not know whether do you have the MySQL database or if you do not know how to create it please provide us with your C Panel login info

To change the Permission for folder follow the below steps Login in to your FTP using the FTP
name , FTP Username and FTP Password. After you login you will be sent to a page displaying all files and folders currently located on your hosting account. Using the FILEZILLA. Right click on the file or folder and click “File Attributes” On “Change File Attributes” window, check all options or type “777”, then click “Ok”. USING THE CPANEL FILE MANAGER Click “File Manager” Click on the file or folder that you want to change permission. Click “Change Permission” link from the upper right corner. Check all options or type “777”, then click “Change”.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the most popular way for uploading files on a hosting account.
There are two main ways to upload trough FTP: through a standard Web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) or through a dedicated FTP software program, referred to as an ‘FTP Client’. To start uploading via FTP you need to know your login information. First Login in to your FTP using the FTP Name , FTP Username and FTP Password After you login you will be sent to a page displaying all files and folders currently located on your hosting account. To upload a file, simply drag and then drop it to the location where you would like the file to appear. Like that drag and paste all the files. Note: It’s very important to all the files , so make sure that ALL your files are uploaded to the server in order for your site to work properly.

Before running the installation, a MySQL database will need to be created. Most hosting
companies provide a control panel that contains all the tools necessary to create databases. Since different hosts offer different control panels, we won’t be able to provide specific instructions on this task. Please read through your host’s documentation or contact them directly to find the location of your host’s control panel. Some notes regarding database creation: • You will need to make up three things when creating your database – the database name, a database username and a password. Each of these three items can be pretty much anything you like – just remember to write them down! You will need them later. • On a vast majority of hosts, the location of the database will be ‘localhost’. You can verify this on the main database page after the database is created.

You can usually find this info in the first e-mail you receive when purchasing the hosting. Just contact your hosting provider if you have any problems finding the hosting access info.

You have to give 777 permission for the below

  1. foldersroot uploadimages
  2. root thumbimages
  3. root postingimages
  4. root adsimages
  5. root adminuploadimages
  6. root Bin Configuration.php

While installation you have to give the domain name as instead of giving


To change your password, from the home page click on the “change password” link under User Management. You will be navigated to the change password page. Type the Old Password, Type the new password and then retype the new password.

Yes, Admin can create “n” number of admin user account trough admin panel. To add admin user account, click on the “Create Admin Users” option under the User Management. A new window will open; enter the following fields to create the account.

  1. User name (e.g. David) 

  2. Password
  3. Confirm Password
  4. Set Privileges
  5. Once entered the fields click “submit” button.

Under the user management you can mange the site user and admin user details. It will provide the user email id, registered date and status of the user. Here you can edit your user details.

Click Banner Settings option in Preferences. In the Header image field using the browse option upload the Header Image for your Site. Here you can set the navigations and slide show sept up.

Administrator is having the privilege to change and edit the footer content through Footer Content in site Settings.

Yes, you can add Google Analytics code through site Settings >> Google Analytics Code. In
this field you can paste your analytic code.